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Susu Unta Camel Milk powder 25g x 20 sachets In a Box

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camel milk sale in karachi "Susu Unta Camel Milk Powder" is excellent for "Diabetics" as it has insulin-like proteins which reduce sugar level (30%reduction in doses of insulin).

Relieve in Arthritis

"Susu Unta Camel Milk Powder" The lactoferrin in camel milk will remove the free iron from joints of arthritic patients that will relieve the pain.

Solution of Tuberculosis

"Susu Unta Camel Milk Powder" Destroys mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) by increasing white blood cells The antibacterial and antiviral is known to destroy the mycobacterium tuberculosis it.

Anti-aging/Acne Problems

"Susu Unta Camel Milk Powder" Contains alpha-hydroxyl acid which are known to chubby the skin and smooth fine lines The anti-microbial properties will act as natural cleanser, hence it is used to treat "Acne and Eczema.

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Health Benefits Of camel milk

Camel milk, used medicinally for centuries by nomadic people, is the closest to human mother’s milk and contains 10 times more iron and three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk, according to The Huffington Post. Camels possess unique, powerful immune-system components, which are contained in their milk. Camel milk might potentially benefit disorders including diabetes and autism. As with any natural remedy, consult your doctor before drinking camel milk.


Camel milk is considered a rich source of healthy vitamins and minerals. Its low-fat properties and high levels of insulin are beneficial in


Autism: Several studies have been conducted to analyze the effects of camel milk on patients suffering from autism. The results were striking and


Unlike cow milk, camel milk does not contain two strong allergens. Many children and people are allergic to milk or some food. However,


A healthy immune system is the back bone of human health. Undoubtedly, camel milk is the nature’s most cherished blessing in this regard.