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We, at New Global Enterprises - Pakistan, are pleased to be associated with a highly reputed, research oriented and recognized large manufacturing concern M/S Intan Biotech Industries Sdn. Bhd. – Malaysia. It is a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction to be an active contributor in delivering nutritional goodness of camel milk as humanity benefitted over centuries for the deserving community of Pakistan.

We started our marketing operation in 2013 and ever since Allah have blessed us with significant success through winning hearts and minds of our consumers with all possible variance in terms of age, gender, social and professional stature.

We have always been very humble in realizing the importance of our responsibility to deliver the nutritional benefits of camel milk to the most segments of our society.

We have always been extremely responsive to adopt most innovative modes of communication and ensure availability and accessibility for all our consumers across Pakistan.

CAMEL MILK – The Natural Source Of Vital Nutrients

Extensive global research and consumer benefits evaluation supplemented by published scientific data in reputed and authentic journals over many decades have aptly unveiled the nutritional significance of camel milk.

Camel Milk has been a regular part of the lifestyle of many communities just because of its composition based on significantly important and vital nutrients for children, young adults and old age men and women alike.

Experience Healthy Lifestyle with Nutritional Composition of Camel Milk

Susu Unta Camel Milk Powder offers a rich source of vital nutrients (minerals, proteins, dietary fibers and carbohydrates) particularly for boosting the human immune system. The balanced nutritional composition is the key for adopting regular daily intake of camel milk as a component of our daily lifestyle.


We strongly believe in observing extreme care and employing ultra-sophisticated procedures and techniques at every single step and phase of our processing management, in terms of food safety and quality standards, to ensure delivery of high-end premium quality products for consumer usage and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our camel milk processing facility is located in Kelantan – Malaysia. We are privileged to have the most modern, highly advanced and fully integrated camel milk processing unit with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, carrying valuable certifications from reputed health and food regulatory authorities to enable us to qualify for global exports operation through compliance with International Standards and specifications.

Our premium quality brand “ Susu Unta Camel Milk Powder ” is certified by the Food Safety and Quality Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.


Keeping in view the sensitivity associated with handling of food products particularly milk for human consumption we exercise extreme care right from storage of fresh milk which is extracted under best possible hygienic environment through hi tech automatic milking equipment into sterilized containers which are further transported in temperature controlled vehicles, to maintain freshness and preserve vital nutritional content, to the processing facility.

Concluding with our warehouses, for storage of finished goods, are fully temperature, humidity and light controlled along with regular periodic fumigation to eliminate even the slightest risk of contamination.

All these procedures and practices are employed, as integral part of our corporate strategy and operational culture, to ensure the delivery of premium quality camel milk products for our valued consumers very much in line with our sincere promise not to compromise on standards and quality under any circumstances.


We are pretty conscious about the professional standard and technical proficiency of all our staff as this is one of the most critical and important aspects of organizational performance and professional credibility. We have employed appropriately qualified and experienced human resources. Further we have an extensive in-house arrangement for regular training courses and grooming sessions to keep our work force perfectly aligned with current industrial practices and most advanced and latest operational techniques and procedures.

Our human resource is our pride and key factor to let us consistently deliver quality products meeting all prescribed internal as well as global standards and quality parameters.


We have designed and selected the most reliable packaging stuff to ensure that camel milk freshness and nutritional content is fully preserved till it reaches our valued consumers as best return to their spending with prime focus on delivering projected healthcare benefits.


Susu Unta Camel Milk Powder is privileged to be awarded with “Halal Certification” by The Halal Authority of Malaysia. This is a matter of pride and privilege because Susu Unta Camel Milk Powder perfectly complied with extremely stringent criteria and analytical parameters laid down by The Halal Authority of Malaysia. This is just a humble expression of our professional dedication and commercial excellence and a further source of motivation to keep our spirits even higher.


Our organizational strategy and operational plans are dedicated towards our commitment and passion to introduce Susu Unta Camel Milk Powder to the global consumer market. Initially we have successfully launched our premium brand in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Pakistan.

Currently our operational scope in Pakistan spans over 3000 commercial outlets for consumer facilitation and it is consistently expanding to ensure steady growth and optimum market coverage.

Our marketing team is extensively engaged in preparing further plans for expanding current coverage status by approaching consumer markets of Europe, North America, Australia and Africa.

We ambitiously intend to contribute significantly towards the growth and development of the global halal food sector through creating maximum awareness about the nutritional goodness of camel milk and establishing Susu Unta Camel Milk Powder as the premium brand for consumers.


We have a comprehensive support plan to facilitate our valued customers by providing access to our premium quality camel milk brand through “FREE HOME DELIVERY” as a gesture of consumer care and importance.


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