The cure-all camel milk is utilized all over the world for its medicinal qualities. The composition of camel milk makes it closest to human mother’s milk. Being the nature’s most amazing formula, it contains three times higher Vitamin C and ten times higher iron compared to cow’s milk. The strong and powerful immune-system of camels transfers extremely natural and unique properties to their milk, making it potentially beneficial for uncountable diseases. Drink camel milk with your doctor’s consultation to treat illness and diseases such as autism and diabetes.

Following points revel some remarkable wonders of camel milk.

  • Being closest to the human mother’s camel milk is very light for human bodies. Our body can easily consume and digest it.
  • Three times higher vitamin C makes it healthier than cow’s milk.
  • It’s antibacterial and antiviral properties are ten times higher than cow’s milk.
  • Camel milk possess natural insulin that is extremely beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • Camel milk is an ideal remedy for autism, cholesterol and cancer. Moreover, it helps speed up recovery for Hepatitis, heart diseases and lactose intolerance.


Some stunning facts about camel milk:
  • Camel Milk – An ideal combination of food and remedy
  • Evidence from Quran, “Do they not look at the camels, how they are created?” (Al-Quran)
  • Camel milk is used by nomadic people and residents of deserts as their staple food. Arabs have been using it for centuries as medicine to cure multiple diseases including dental problems and chicken pox, digestive problems such as constipation.
  • Imam Razi and Hakeem Ibn-e-Sina are renowned scholars of Arab. According to them, non-toxic curative properties of camel milk makes it ideal for mental infirmity and liver diseases. It has been proved to be very beneficial for swelling for internal organs. Moreover, camel milk helps in maintaining a strong immune system.
  • According to latest scientific research, the medicinal and antibacterial properties of camel milk generates amazing results in epidemic diseases such as jaundice, ulcers, asthma, tuberculosis and acidity.
  • High presence of insulin in camel milk is extremely beneficial for diabetic patients. In many countries including our neighbor countries, it has been given to special children because of its proven benefits in autism.
  • Camel milk is the most ideal substitute for mother’s milk. Arabs feed camel milk to new born babies which helps in building a strong immune system and preventing food allergies. Camel milk is the significant source of vitamins and minerals like fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Heart patients can consume camel milk as it contains a very low amount of fats and cholesterol.
  • After effects of antibiotic and chemotherapy can be minimized with the consumption of camel milk. Convalescing patients are prescribed camel milk because it contains a high level of iron and B vitamins.


Below are the findings of some renowned researchers about camel milk.
  • The camel milk works as a laxative on people unaccustomed to drinking this milk (Rao et al., 1970).
  • Apparently stomach upsets only occur when the milk is drunk while still warm. When it is cool, no ill effects have been noted (Gast et al., 1969).
  • The milk also apparently has slimming properties (Yassin and Wahid, 1957).
  • In India camel milk is used therapeutically against dropsy, Jaundice, problems of the spleen, tuberculosis, asthma, anemia, and piles (Rao et al., 1970).
  • The “chal” and other lung ailments (Gast et al., 1963) has proven beneficial in the treatment of tuberculosis (Akundov et al., 1972).
  • A clinic has been established in which milk is used for treatment (Urazakov and Bainazarov, 1974).
  • Patients with chronic hepatitis had improved liver function after being treated with camel milk (Sharmanov et al., 1978).
  • In fact, camel milk was as effective as ass milk and superior to treatment with only medication or a diet consisting of cow milk proteins.
  • Compared to cow, buffalo and ewe milk fat, camel milk fat contains less short-chained fatty acids, but the same long-chained fatty acids can be found. (Dhingra, 1934).
  • The value of camel milk is to be found in the high concentrations of volatile acids and, especially, linoleic acid and the polyunsaturated acids, which are essential for human nutrition. Gast et al., (1969).


  • Diabetes

  • Autism

  • Allergies

  • Immune


Camel milk is considered a rich source of healthy vitamins and minerals. Its low-fat properties and high levels of insulin are beneficial in treatment of long-term glycemic and diabetes. With a quart of insulin in each liter, it is a wonder medicine for diabetic patients as it can reduce the amount of insulin doses for controlling diabetes. The presence of insulin like protein in camel milk is proven to be effective for type 1 diabetes. According to leading researchers, the human body absorbs this insulin like protein immediately generating promising results.


Several studies have been conducted to analyze the effects of camel milk on patients suffering from autism. The results were striking and beyond expectations. In many patients, the symptoms of autism were completely disappeared while some showed continues betterment. A four year old girl was given camel milk for 40 days and was completely recovered. While fifteen year old boy recovered in 30 days of after consuming camel milk. These studies concluded that camel milk has potential medical properties to treat autism. Patients suffering from mental and physical disabilities should be given camel milk regularly for better health.


Unlike cow milk, camel milk does not contain two strong allergens. Many children and people are allergic to milk or some food. However, the immune system components in camel milk are very advantageous for them. A study was conducted to measure the effects of camel milk in allergies. Eight children with some form of food allergy participated and consumed camel milk. The results astonished researchers as all eight of them were fully recovered without any side effects. These remarkable findings concluded that the disease-fighting immunoglobulins play a pivotal role in combating allergies as compared to conventional treatments.


A healthy immune system is the back bone of human health. Undoubtedly, camel milk is the nature’s most cherished blessing in this regard. The small but powerful immune-system components i.e. immunoglobulins present in camel milk helps in fighting and recovering from many diseases. They penetrate in our body and develop a support system for targeting disease-causing bacteria. Antigens are a disease developing element which directly attacks our body tissues in diseases such as Crohn’s disease. The healing properties and mysterious characteristics of camel milk are producing wonderful results in treatment of many illnesses.